Regardless of who we are or how much success we’ve achieved, we’re all being impacted by our ego and unconscious programming every day.

Carl Jung said it best, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Transformational work focuses on creating awareness and change at the source level. That’s why I argue it’s also the most powerful high-performance and executive coaching work you can do. What’s happening internally drives what we’re experiencing externally. When we turn our focus inward and create powerful change our external world follows.

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For 18 years I helped shape marketing initiatives for leading global brands, including Amazon, iHeartMedia, and the NBA.

Although I built a successful career as a Marketing Executive, I felt like I was being pulled between different sides of myself. It created internal conflict and imbalance, and I decided I had to make a change.

In 2016, I started learning about real estate investing and bought my first property less than 30 days later. I then started learning about cryptocurrency and quickly became an investor in the space.

Next, I decided to get my Professional Coach Certification and started working as a High-Performance Coach. As the daughter of a 25-year D1 collegiate football coach, I always had a curiosity and interest in human potential work, and I fell in love with my own version of that career.

My success as a portfolio entrepreneur allowed me to step away from my corporate career in January 2020, and in Q1 of that year, after almost losing my life to a severe case of burnout called Rhabdo, I felt called to dive deeper into my own inner work journey.

While quarantining in my New York City apartment I moved through a powerful awakening experience that was like a factory reset for life.

Now, using my integrated background and inner work journey, I help my clients navigate challenges and create growth at work, at home, and within.

It’s important to note, not every high-performer needs a drastic life change, every journey is unique.

But what we do all need, is someone that supports us in our internal and external growth, helps us see the things we can’t, challenges our reality, pushes and encourages us, and helps us access the unlimited potential we possess. And that’s exactly what I do.

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Ashley has quickly become my go-to support in both business and life. She consistently helps me see and understand the whys underneath what I’m experiencing, allowing me to find the internal trust and clarity I need to make big decisions and function in a high-performance landscape. All while helping me reconnect with myself and find forms of inner peace I didn’t know existed in the world I operate in. Our work together is hands down one of the best investments I’ve made.
- J.S.

Founder and Serial Entrepreneur

I’ve spent 33 years in the financial services industry operating on a high level based on industry standards, but never felt I was operating near my potential. Had tried numerous well-respected coaching platforms with no noticeable impact. Ashley has done in six weeks more than I ever imagined in helping me see the core issues and helping me solve them. If you’re searching, reach out to her!
- Richard Simpson

Financial Advisor, Simpson Wealth Partners

As a celebrated grief author and speaker, I was silently struggling with a sense of guilt I thought I would always have from losing my brother to a brain tumor and my Dad to suicide. Ashley was delicately and deliberately able to help me not only acknowledge this hidden limit but also help me to process it and ultimately let go of it. I can’t express the weight that has been lifted and the access I have gained to a fuller life I thought was just not possible for me. This is the person I recommend to the high-level, high-achieving people who are just shy of being able to honor and enjoy it all.
- Addison Brasil

Author, Speaker, and Conscious Brand Builder

When I started working with Ashley I had recently absorbed a significant amount of responsibility in a visible role reporting to an intense leader. Since working with Ashley I have improved my ability to execute my job more than I could have imagined. I learned to channel acceptance, challenge myself to think bigger, and find the silver lining for a positive outcome in a situation. Thank you, Ashley, for your guidance and support while I developed my leadership acumen and patience, so that I can bring my ideas to life and create a productive team and environment.
- Dan Montgomery

Director, Data Engineering, Sunpower

When I first met Ashley, I was a VP aiming for the C-Suite but grappling with leadership challenges. Ashley’s coaching was a game-changer. Her intellect, insight, and tailored approach helped sharpen my strategic decision-making and executive presence. Crucially, Ashley aligned my personal ambitions with my company’s goals, which became instrumental when I was up for the CTO position. Ashley assisted me in articulating a compelling vision and strategy that resonated deeply with the board and key stakeholders, directly impacting my promotion. Now thriving as CTO, I see the skills and frameworks developed with Ashley as foundational to my success. For anyone looking to excel in leadership, Ashley’s coaching is indispensable.
- D.T.

CTO, Tech Industry

I was so fortunate to work with Ashley Reed as my Coach. I was navigating a difficult market and Ashley made me feel empowered and important. She has given me the tools to succeed, regardless of circumstances or low inventory. Her expertise got me over a hump, increasing my productivity and outlook on my career. I would highly recommend Ashley as a Coach.
- Karen Coxe

Luxury Real Estate Agent and Advisor, Sotheby's International Realty

At the time of starting my work with Ashley, I was at an ongoing crossroads in my career. My growth as a part of this coaching program has manifested in several improvements in my performance, and I’m feeling more excited about my career direction. To me, Ashley is just one of those people who elevate the energy in a room (virtual or otherwise!). She employed Socratic inquiry and encouraged me to question my beliefs and actions and come to my own conclusions. To me, this is the mark of a great teacher. For the first time in years, I’m feeling challenged and that I have something important to contribute to the organization from a programmatic perspective. Altogether, I’m full of gratitude for the pleasure of working with Ashley and the chance to get a ‘career reset.’ I give Ashley and her work my highest recommendation.
- Ben Sharpe, PhD

Senior Researcher and Regional Lead, The International Council on Clean Transportation

My work with Ashley has been life-changing. I came to her because I was struggling to balance everything under my responsibility and wanted support, but realized quickly what I was experiencing was a symptom of deeper programming and beliefs that were outdated. Through our work together Ashley helped me create new awareness, release old trauma and baggage I didn’t even know I was carrying, and create conscious choice around how I wanted to live and design my life. And through it all, she was compassionate and understanding, creating a safe and comforting space to go deep. I can’t recommend Ashley enough.
- S.M.

COO, Financial Industry

I started working with Ashley when I needed to re-energize my plans and goals. Throughout our work, I gained tremendous clarity to confront the traps the ego put in my way, and as a result of that awareness, I was able to develop strategies to move forward with new ideas and projects that would strengthen my professional practice. Ashley is very assertive and she has a great understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface. She knows how to ask the right questions at the right time to move the session forward, which gave me the clarity that allowed me to grow throughout the program.
- Ruben Gonzalez

Leadership Executive and Executive Coach

I came into working with Ashley looking for some emotional support as I was going through a challenging time. She was super compassionate, understanding and a great person to lean on for an outside, fresh perspective. Her deep knowledge about the ego and how it impacts us was very powerful and helpful in my growth as a person. She goes the extra yard, is super genuine and is a special human!
- Myles Bernstien

Alignment Coach


“The path to freedom is not self-improvement, or somehow satisfying the self’s {ego’s} agenda, but it’s dropping of the ego’s agenda altogether.”
- Daniel Schmidt
“The path to freedom is not self-improvement, or somehow satisfying the self’s {ego’s} agenda, but it’s dropping of the ego’s agenda altogether.”
- Daniel Schmidt