Regardless of who we are or how much success we’ve achieved, we’re all being impacted by our ego and unconscious programming every day.

Carl Jung said it best, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Transformational work focuses on creating awareness and change at the source level. That’s why I argue it’s also the most powerful high-performance and executive coaching work you can do. What’s happening internally drives what we’re experiencing externally. When we turn our focus inward and create powerful change our external world follows.

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For 18 years I helped shape marketing initiatives for leading global brands, including Amazon, iHeartMedia, and the NBA.

Although I built a successful career as a Marketing Executive, I felt like I was constantly being pulled between two sides of myself. My ego telling me doing, achieving, and succeeding were the way to obtain the freedom I craved, and my true self trying to wake me up and remind me none of that was true. It led to internal conflict and imbalance, and I decided I had to make a change.

In 2016, I started learning about real estate investing, and bought my first property less than 30 days later. I then started learning about cryptocurrency and quickly became an investor in the space.

Next, I decided to get my ICF-accredited Professional Coach Certification and started working with clients as a High-Performance Coach. As the daughter of a 25-year D1 collegiate football coach, I always had a curiosity and interest in human potential and awareness work, and I fell in love with my own version of that same career.

My success as a portfolio entrepreneur allowed me to step away from my corporate career in January 2020, and in Q1 of that year, after almost losing my life to a severe case of burnout called Rhabdo, I felt called to dive deeper into my own transformational and inner work journey.

While quarantining by myself in my New York City apartment I moved through a powerful awakening experience that was like a factory reset for life.

Now, using my integrated background and inner work journey, I help my clients navigate challenges and create growth at work, at home, and within.

It’s important to note, not every high-performer needs a drastic life change, every journey is unique.

But what we do all need regardless of success achieved, is someone that supports us in our internal and external growth, helps us see the things we can’t, challenges our reality, pushes and encourages us, and helps us see and access the unlimited potential we possess. And that’s exactly what I do.

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“The path to freedom is not self-improvement, or somehow satisfying the self’s {ego’s} agenda, but it’s dropping of the ego’s agenda altogether.”
- Daniel Schmidt
“The path to freedom is not self-improvement, or somehow satisfying the self’s {ego’s} agenda, but it’s dropping of the ego’s agenda altogether.”
- Daniel Schmidt